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Wedding FAQ

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS”]Below you will find the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.[/ut_header]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We have tried to cover your FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) below. If there is anything else which you wish to know or discuss, please get in contact.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]Where are you based and where do you shoot?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We are based in Lisburn, just outside of Belfast in Northern Ireland. We will go anywhere we are invited.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How long will you stay at our wedding?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]As long as you need us. We usually like to start when you’re getting ready and stay until either dinner or the dancing.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]Do you charge extra for travel?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]For weddings If we need to travel more than 30 miles from Lisburn, we add a minimal mileage rate and accommodation costs if required. We’ll do our best to keep these expenses to a minimum.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How many photographers will there be?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We are a husband and wife team, while Tommy is our main photographer, Laurene will assist and shoot during the most important moments of the day.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How many images will I receive?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We will give you all the images from your wedding, individually edited on USB, minus doubles and the ones of you blinking or looking weird. There is no set quantity of images as every wedding is different. [/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How will I receive my photographs?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We will get all the images to you – hi-res with no watermark and full printing rights – on a USB or by digital download if you prefer.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]When will I receive them?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Typically, we deliver images 6-8 weeks after your wedding. This may be slightly longer in peak wedding season (May to September) and quicker during other parts of the year.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]When will I receive my story book wedding album?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Albums are delivered within 8 weeks of you confirming your order[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]Do I have to decide on an album right now?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]If you book our Option 1 package, you can decide on an album after you have received your images.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How do I make a booking?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Just give us a call on 07936 576836 or drop us a line.[/ut_custom_heading]