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Portraiture FAQ

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”PORTRAITURE
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS”]Below you will find the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.[/ut_header]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We have tried to cover your FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) below. If there is anything else which you wish to know or discuss, please get in contact.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]Where can I have my portrait taken?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We have lots of experience of location portraits and you can view examples of our work here. If you need advice on some of the best locations in Northern Ireland we are more than happy to help.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How long will my session last ?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]The most important thing to know about your session is that it will not be rushed. We always capture the most striking pictures when everyone is relaxed and having fun. A session will typically takes from 1-2 hours.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]What happens after the session?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]After the session, your photographs are carefully processed to bring out the special character of each portrait. We will then send you a link so that you can download your hi-resolution ready to print images.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]What should I wear?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Your choice of clothing can play a very important part in creating beautiful timeless photographs. Simple outfits work well – its best to avoid logos, stripes or other distracting patterns.

Newborns and tiny infants photograph best in little or no clothing – just their own perfect skin, emphasising their newness and purity. We have a great selection of wraps and throws which can be used to add beautiful textures to the portraits. Feel free to bring along a special outfit if you’d like to include it in some of the photographs.

Babies, toddlers, kids and adults look great in trendy, bright coloured clothes although logos and characters are best avoided. Feel free to bring along a change of clothing plus any accessories such as hats, tiaras, toys or your favourite teddy…even the family pet!

For a fashion/beauty shoot or a model portfolio, bring up to 3 complete changes of outfit, including shoes. Dressing up is great – so be brave and be as glamorous as you like – help me create a special set of images which show you at your beautiful best. Don’t forget the accessories and bling!

For group portraits, its not necessary for everyone to match, although you should try to wear simple outfits with colours that compliment each other. Busy patterns, stripes etc are best avoided. Blue jeans always photograph well and are a great way of bringing a group together. If you are after a wall portrait, it may be worth considering the room in which it will be displayed, so that the colours you are wearing will work well with the room décor.[/ut_custom_heading]

[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]Do you include retouching of portraits?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Absolutely! We want you to look your very best, so all portraits get some retouching although we don’t believe in over the top retouching as we feel that the natural real you will always look best.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]Can I get black and white as well as colour photographs?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Yes – We edit each image individually. If an image looks better in mono that’s how we will edit it.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]When do I pay for my portrait order?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]Because of the bespoke nature of your portraits, payment in full is required at the time of ordering. We accept cheques, cash and direct bank transfers.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]During my portrait photo-shoot what should I wear and can I have a change of outfits?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]When photographing two or more people in a portrait session, keep the clothing similar in tone, even if the colours are different. This will help with the overall tonality of the portrait and ensure that one of the subjects does not dominate because his or her clothing is lighter. Try to avoid a mix of formal and informal clothing as it is best to keep the clothing similar in style.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div” font_weight=”bold”]How can I view my photographs?[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”div”]We want you to enjoy your photographs and to help you have the best photographs in the best format as quickly as possible. We will contact you soon after your portrait session with a link for you to download your digital files. The aim of this session is to show you what is possible with your photographs.[/ut_custom_heading]