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Commercial Photography Prices

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A guide to our rates

Listed here is a guide to the prices and fees for all of Jmax Photography commercial photography services.

From just £169 (+VAT) for a 1 hour session, including processing and your image usage license

If you would like the services of a commercial photographer, or require a written quotation, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Your customised quote

Since we don’t like hidden costs, and don’t see why you should either, we’ve listed our basic prices – however, we often find potential clients overestimate the time it will take to get their photos and so therefore also over estimate their costs.

We usually find it’s best for us to give you a personalised quote and are happy to provide you with a full breakdown of our rates that will clearly explain the options that best suit your exact needs.

Before we can give you an accurate quote there’s some specific information we need from you.

Discounted project rates

We offer discounted rates for extended assignments that include multiple sites or repeat visits (min. 1 hr) to the same site to complete the assignment.

These projects rates do depend on the exact nature of the work so please contact us directly to discuss the project and we’ll be happy to provide a quote and demonstrate the potential savings.

Your photos – the technical bit

We supply images in RGB digital formats electronically or on CD/DVD on request. We will usually supply high resolution JPEG files at a ‘print ready’ resolution of 300ppi. Other file formats – PSD, PSB or TIFF – are available on request (an additional charge may be made).

Please note that as part of our quality control procedures, we will only supply images in CMYK formats upon receipt of precise ICC profiles and/or conversion details, along with a written specification of the conversion requirements. There may be a charge for some CMYK image conversion work.

Product photography prices

All our product photography services are provided on location and we charge the rates shown on this page. Please contact us for a quote.

Photography rates (GBP)

Includes location based product photography.

UK rates excl. VAT 1st Hour Additional hours Half day Full day
Basic 135 67 319 529
Standard* 169 84 379 599
Extended 195 115 490 790
Premium / Special 320 195 985 1540

A half day is typically 4 hrs and a full day typically 7.5 hrs
Most of our work is charged at the Standard rate
Prices are in GBP and are valid as of March 2018

All photography prices are for guidance only (E&OE) and exclude VAT

Our standard terms and conditions for commercial photography services

What you pay for

The prices quoted above are an ‘all inclusive’ price – we will not make any additional charges for standard processing (which should be all you need) OR usage/license fees. Expenses are charged for sites outside of Leicestershire – please see the details below.

What you’ll receive for the prices above:
  • Our time to take your photographs – your costs are based on how long it takes us to shoot your images
  • The photographs taken – we don’t hold any back and charge for additional shots later
  • Our expertise
  • Our time to process your images – they will be cropped, edited for colour balance, basic sharpening and, as necessary, corrected for geometry – and  in general it takes (at least) as long to process/edit your images as it does to take them. There are no extra charges for processing
  • Supply of your high resolution images – usually electronically, but CDs/DVDs are available on request
  • A license/the right to use your images – we do not normally place any time restrictions on how long you can use the images or how many times you use them, BUT there may be restrictions on HOW you use them and these will be detailed in your quote (this restriction usually only applies to large scale, world-wide, non-web advertising campaigns)
  • We aim to store all of our original photo files
  • Free post-production advice
  • Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million


Any expenses will be clearly detailed on your quote, but in general:

  • We charge mileage for all projects outside of Leicestershire at 0.65p per mile
  • We charge travel time for all projects over 2 hours away from our base in Leicester. We charge nothing for the first 2 hours (in each direction) then 30.00 for each additional hour (in each direction) – rounded up to the full hour
  • Hotels and expenses (if required) are charged at cost

Processing costs

  • Basic image processing – cropping, editing for colour balance, basic sharpening and corrections for geometry – is included in the price you pay for us to take your photos.
  • Enhanced image processing and Photoshop work – IF required – is charged at £84 per hour or part thereof
  • We do not offer a cut-out service, as we believe you can source this elsewhere at a much more competitive price than we are able to offer

Stock photo usage

Prices (ex VAT) GBP (Don’t forget, we offer a discount for local businesses)

In-house magazine Public information leaflets Brochures/reports
1/8 page 75 1/8 page 130 1/8 page 180
1/4 page 90 1/4 page 140 1/4 page 190
1/2 page 130 1/2 page 165 1/2 page 220
3/4 page 220 3/4 page 190 3/4 page 255
Full page 260 Full page 225 Full page 300
Double-page spread 380 Double-page spread 320 Double-page spread 440
Cover 370 Cover 500

We’re here to help you don’t hesitate to get in touch.